The 2017-2023 initial HybriD3 project concludes with publications of key results, but ...

January 28, 2024

... but the work continues. We are proud of what we accomplished in our NSF-DMREF funded project 2017-2023, which has now concluded and we are extremely grateful to the National Science Foundation for their generous support of our work.

We are, moreover, immensely happy that two subsequent NSF-DMREF involving PIs of the original HybriD3 team were funded in 2023, as posted on the main HybriD3 project page.

Our publications page lists the 2023 publications from the project (although we might be missing a few), including several key pieces that we were hoping for.

We are, furthermore, grateful to the host of team members who have made this project a joy to work on and a success. And we would be remiss to not acknowledge the many collaborators outside the core team with whom we were able to work and with whom our work on hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductors and other endeavours continues to go strong.